A real fairy tale

The story began with a smile."Is your birthday on April twenty second?" she said in a gentle voice with a pleased smile."Yes, and what’s up?" he replied with a confused expression on his face."Uh…just look at the registration information table." she said and delivered the table to him. And then he shocked, there’s a surprising phenomenon that her birthday is exactly on that day as well.

Day passed away and night came, he lay on his bed without any desire of sleeping. Just like your expectation, his uncontrollable mind was stuck in the wonderful experience today. And a mass of strange ideas occurred in his mental world:"What’s the reason why her birthday is the same with mine?", "Is it arranged by God that I encounter her?", "What’s the meaning of the smile?"…He was so confused and excited that he could not keep calm to find out even one of answers to above questions. Anyhow the problem is excessively tough for a fifteen-year-old boy who had just spent his first day at high school.

The smile rooted and seemed to be more active in his mind in the later few days. Finally he realized that the silent shy girl with a fascinating smile is a precious gift that God present him. At that moment, he firmly believed that she belongs to him and must become his girlfriend, even his wife in many years later.

As expected, he succeed and she became his girlfriend at the end of his first month at high school. Then they fell in love river together and tasted the honey of the real love firstly.

What do you want to see next? How about" They loved deeply and guarded their love carefully until they graduated from high school, then they attended the same college and still deeply loved each other, finally, they married and lived a happy life from then on…"? The fairy tale must be written like that. But unfortunately, we live in a real world, not in a fairy kingdom. And nothing will go on as stories written in fairy tales. So, they separated and began to forget each other just at the end of their first month at college.

Their love story end up with a strange smile spreading on her face. The day when they say "Wish you to be happy" to each other is really unforgettable to him, not because what impressed him is her smile on that day, but he had just started to learn C programming before that day.